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Latest VR & AR projects for: Medical University in the Netherlands, Shell Safety Training, Coachella Festival (Los Angeles, USA), Audi (Worldwide).

Unity 3D (and other VR projects in native Android, iOS and HTML5) skills description and sample code, including screenshots based on the Unity Certified Developer Courseware.


  • setting target image 
  • updating PostProcessBuildPlayer script for iOS build, customizing for better performance
  • VuMark
  • Object Recognition
  • Cylinder Targets
  • Multi Targets
  • Smart Terrain
  • Cloud Recognition
  • Text Recognition
  • Virtual Buttons
  • online Target Manager

Google VR SDK:

  • Google Daydream & Cardboard for Android and Google Cardboard for iOS.
  • simulating head movements in Cardboard 

ARCore - Augmented Reality for Android:

  • Android Studio & Unity development

ARKit - Augmented Reality for iOS:

  • XCode & Unity development
  • Udacity course "Learn ARKit"

Standard Unity skills:

  • Unity Certified Developer Courseware - random screenshots of every unit 
  • Shaders: Unlit, Diffuse 
  • defining editor units 
  • animations 
  • camera clear flags - skybox 
  • animation states, transitions, animator controller 
  • search by type, by label 
  • editor: culling mask applied to a custom layer 
  • manipulating GameObjects: snapping (unit, vertex, surface), global/local axis, grouping, navigating 
  • applying material 
  • assign texture to material 

VR concepts:

  • LSD (Lens Separation Distance), IPD (Interpupillary distance)
  • creating from scratch (non-SDK) 2 VR cameras, adjusting manually the LSD, implementing head rotation
  • avoiding motion sickness
  • VR storytelling: movies vs more interactive apps/games

Standard VR skills:

  • UI in World Space 
  • Event Systems, Inputs, changing Scene 

Basic scripting:

  • basic shader programming 
  • coroutines 
  • SLERP 
  • private variable accessible in the inspector 
  • Quaternion.LookRotation 
  • Scripting with Animator 

Oculus, Gear VR development:

  • basic settings 


  • Best HTTP (Pro Edition)!/content/10872

Graphics, Blender:

  • Blender - importing fbx 

Embedding in Android & iOS native apps:

Exporting to different platforms:

2D games:

  • localization & adding new features to a 2D game for Viacom's NYC branch: "Bubble Guppies: A Grumpfish Tale." Exporting the game for iOS (App Store) and Android (Amazon Store and Google Play). Handling access to camera.  

User Interface:

  • custom menu items
  • NGUI  

Debugging, configuration, fixing issues: