Technical Portfolio - Sample Code

Unity 3D (and other VR projects in native Android, iOS and HTML5) skills description and sample code, including screenshots based on the Unity Certified Developer Courseware.


  • setting target image 
  • updating PostProcessBuildPlayer script for iOS build, customizing for better performance
  • VuMark
  • Object Recognition
  • Cylinder Targets
  • Multi Targets
  • Smart Terrain
  • Cloud Recognition
  • Text Recognition
  • Virtual Buttons
  • online Target Manager

Google VR SDK:

  • Google Daydream & Cardboard for Android and Google Cardboard for iOS.
  • simulating head movements in Cardboard 

ARCore - Augmented Reality for Android:

  • Android Studio & Unity development

ARKit - Augmented Reality for iOS:

  • XCode & Unity development
  • Udacity course "Learn ARKit"

Standard Unity skills:

  • Unity Certified Developer Courseware - random screenshots of every unit 
  • Shaders: Unlit, Diffuse 
  • defining editor units 
  • animations 
  • camera clear flags - skybox 
  • animation states, transitions, animator controller 
  • search by type, by label 
  • editor: culling mask applied to a custom layer 
  • manipulating GameObjects: snapping (unit, vertex, surface), global/local axis, grouping, navigating 
  • applying material 
  • assign texture to material 

VR concepts:

  • LSD (Lens Separation Distance), IPD (Interpupillary distance)
  • creating from scratch (non-SDK) 2 VR cameras, adjusting manually the LSD, implementing head rotation
  • avoiding motion sickness
  • VR storytelling: movies vs more interactive apps/games

Standard VR skills:

  • UI in World Space 
  • Event Systems, Inputs, changing Scene 

Basic scripting:

  • basic shader programming 
  • coroutines 
  • SLERP 
  • private variable accessible in the inspector 
  • Quaternion.LookRotation 
  • Scripting with Animator 

Oculus, Gear VR development:

  • basic settings 


  • Best HTTP (Pro Edition)!/content/10872

Graphics, Blender:

  • Blender - importing fbx 

Embedding in Android & iOS native apps:

Exporting to different platforms:

2D games:

  • localization & adding new features to a 2D game for Viacom's NYC branch: "Bubble Guppies: A Grumpfish Tale." Exporting the game for iOS (App Store) and Android (Amazon Store and Google Play). Handling access to camera.  

User Interface:

  • custom menu items
  • NGUI  

Debugging, configuration, fixing issues: