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Our technical section, has not been updated since April 2015. Most recent sample code is in the links above. It shows a bit of our sample code, to give you a better understanding of our approach and skills.

ARKit - Augmented Reality:

  • XCode & Unity development
  • Touches: game with a counter (text also in 3D space)  

Swift concepts:

  • optionals  
  • multiple optional bindings can be used in a single if/guard statement by separating them with commas
  • stored vs computed properties

Architectural patterns:

  • Redux in Objective-C 
  • MVVM with Coordinator 
  • OOP vs protocol oriented programming


  • Pin with Annotation  

UIKit, Layout:

  • Getting access to TableViewCell via IndexPath  
  • Outlet errors examples  
  • Identify UISwitch by restorationidentifier  
  • Layout in XCode6  
  • Images: 1x, 2x, 3x (downsampled iPhone 6 Plus), Vector Images  

iOS 9 features:

  • App Transport Security (ATS) enabled by default  
  • BitCode enabled by default  


  • Firebase integration
  • MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a service) -  


  • TestFlight
  • Enterprise Distribution, Over-The-Air (outside of App Store)
  • App Store submission from scratch (whole life-cycle): Australia, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Singapore, Spain.
  • Localization (mirroring the layout) into Right-to-Left languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu
  • Localization into Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Compile with Bitcode

Git, GitHub:

  • working directory, staging area, repository via command line  
  • reseting a branch  
  • Rebasing instead of merging  

External libraries:

  • Cocoa Pods

Open GL ES, Web GL:

  • color representation, material computations, transparency  

Completed online courses:

  • 'iOS Networking with Swift. Web Services, APIs, and JSON' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift' from Stanford University course syllabus.
  • 'Intro to iOS App Development with Swift' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'How to Make an iOS App. From Drawing Board to App Store' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'iOS Persistence and Core Data' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'UIKit Fundamentals. Learn the iOS User Interface Library' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'Learn Swift Programming Syntax' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'Xcode Debugging' on the platform course syllabus.
  • 'Interactive 3D Graphics' - Web GL on the platform course syllabus.