Technical Portfolio - Sample Code

Our technical section, has not been updated since April 2015. It shows a bit of our sample code, to give you a better understanding of our approach and skills.

Case Studies - our applications:
  • App for the user can modify pictures from the Pictures Hub. Based on Rene Schulte's article at, February 2011.
  • RSS NewsReader app, using Panorama Control. Some functionalities based on the Hands-On-Lab from Sascha Corti - Microsoft Switzerland, July 2010.
    • Functionalities:
      • detail pages for News and Pictures selected by the user, with animated page transitions,
      • reading an RSS feed and binding it to a ListBox control,
      • loading images from a web service and binding them to a ListBox control,
      • replacing the StackPanel in the ListBox control with a WrapPanel control,
      • adding a menu bar to the master RSS News page, that allows the User to switch between the News Item's Abstract and Full Story(in a web browser, plus customizing the website display for the mobile screen),
      • using Microsoft's Push Notification Services to push weather information to the application.
  • GeoNoteTaking notes with Geo location being added automatically. Some functionalities based on Bob Taylor's video tutorials from Microsoft's website.

(Please have a look also at the 'Silverlight Sample Code' section for the standard Silverlight examples.)
  • unit testing a Windows Phone 7 project,
  • WCF services for WP7,
  • isolated storage,
  • application lifecycle: tombstoning, page state, application state, persistent data, transient state, using Launchers and Choosers from the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks,
  • 'lite Tasks' which are not triggering the Tombstone mode, like: PhotoChooserTask, CameraCaptureTask, MediaPlayerLauncher, EmailAddressChooserTask, PhoneNumberChooserTask,
  • adding animations to page transitions,
  • custom splash screen,

Basic skills: